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Ukani Investment provide following services through its subsidiaries and guarantee its works, please select appropriate services that you are interested.



Services, such as managed services, Consulting, Integrations, Disaster recovery, Software development, Hosting, Maintenance, Collocations, Asset management, and more..... 


Real Estates

Real Estate Commercial and Residential Management, Sales, Services and more.....


Medical Billings

Provide full billing and coding services to Medical industries from physicians to special practice, including hospitals and more.....


Online Shopping

Online shopping solutions for Diamonds, Gold's jewelry, Consumer electronics, and gifts items including watches and more.... 


Consumer Electronics

Computers, laptops, networking equipments,  radios, tv, camera, video equipments, and other consumer electronics products.......


Gold & Diamonds

Loose Diamonds &  Gold bars items including related products and more.... 


Medical Devices

Sales, Services for medical devices and equipments such as x-ray equipments, c-arms, MRI's, CT scan, blood analyzer, Lab devices and more ..........


Stem Cells Therapy

Stem cell research, treatments including anti aging solutions using adult stem cells....


Jewelry & Gifts

Diamonds, Gold's jewelry and gifts items including watches and more.... 



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